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Today’s situation in the centre of Italy affected by the earthquakes of the past years is tragic, with many little towns which risk to disappear, and never come back as they used to be. After the media wave, this situation seems to be not interesting anymore for our country. When some politicians go there “to visit”, the rubbles are removed or covered, so that cameras would not really tell the tragic conditions of those forgotten towns.

But there are many people who decided to stay and fight everyday in order to make their lands live again.



“The political commitment is what makes us active on the territory, and what can bring us all towards a true rebirth”

Because all of that, we think it’s crucial to tell those stories through a documentary: “I promise”.
It will tell about four different stories of everyday resistance which we have met, knew and lived with the protagonists.

Campotosto, Ussita and L’Aquila are the localities where we have been, going around on a caravan.


“That night, walking through the snow and the rubbles, I thought I was brought down to hell”


The narration will revolve around the stories of Valentina, Assunta, Patrizia, and Antonietta, how they reacted to the tragedy and how they still keep on today: why they decided to stay, how they fought and how they fight everyday, how they managed to build up networks of solidarity within the affected towns and cities, how they promote meetings, fundraising, debates.


The experiences which will be told have begun years ago, or just last year, but they are all in constant evolution.


The resistance of these women, their memories, their friendships and their hopes is what will be narrated through the images.

“You can fight, or you can take some drugs. Fighting is the only way to face the pain without falling apart”


Moreover, their relationships with nature will be explored: a nature, the Appennini, one of the oldest chains of mountains in Europe, which has been the cradle of their lives since the very beginning, but which has betrayed them out of the blue.



“My life is like an interrupted movie, and I don’t know the end of it. But what I know is that I want to live free”



So it will be also a story about pain and reconciliation with that nature, with that land and that mountains: a land which has always been loved and has always got the unique meaning of home for all of them.

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Director: Cecilia Fasciani
Editor: Fabio Bianchini
Producer: Cecilia Fasciani
Director Of Photography: Giovanni Fania
Camera Operator: Valérie Hubert
Sound engineer: Giovanni Sfarra
Musician: Enrico D’Amico
Sound editor: Simonluca Laitempergher
Colorist: Alberto Vidmar
Animator: Mirko Monti
Production Assistant: Matteo Mabilia

Graphic communication: Sasha Ricci Rovatti, Joanna Meg Kennedy

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“I promise” is an independent and completely self-financed project. It has not received any financial support from organizations and institutions. But he wants to be more… it wants to be a brave documentary, with the participation of the public and the involvement of the audience.

That’s why we need the support of people who, directly or indirectly, can be involved and believe in this project.

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I promise