Broken Halos


Title: Broken Halos
Genre: Social
Year of production: 2017
Duration: 8 minutes
Production: Giovanni Fania, Cecilia Fasciani
Subject and script: Cecilia Fasciani
Director: Cecilia Fasciani
Producer: Giovanni Fania
Director of photography: Valérie Hubert
Sound engineer: Marco Camilli
Music: Luca Somigli
Editing: Davide Sabatini and Matteo Mabilia
Editor: Davide Sabatini
Assistant editor: Matteo Mabilia
Graphic designer: Matteo Mabilia


The short documentary came from the director’s personal need of mourning again a deep pain: the one of going away from her home when she was still very young, of leaving behind all the certainties and starting over in a new city, with her older brother. The concept of “broken halos” rotates around the idea of an interrupted family, who is not able “to fly” anymore, because of their broken wings, because they lost all their landmarks.

Mauro is a builder, and he works everyday from the very morning to the evening to push forward his activity. Silvia is an elementary school teacher, and she dedicates her days to her job with the children, who are all daughters and sons of a tragedy which will torment them all their lives.

The points that were meant to be raised are their lives, their love without borders for their daughter and son and for their city, their hopes and their fears, their strength to stand up again moving and shifting rubbles outside and inside. But most of all it was meant to be stressed the strength of two parents who were able to let their children go, trying to be by their side anytime anyway, but telling them to do not turn back.



Alessandria Film Festival, Italy 2018 Official Selection;

Cinemì Cinemà International Short Film Festival, Italy 2018 Official Selection;

Premio Fausto Rosarno per il Pieno Diritto alla Salute, Italy 2018 Semi-Finalist;

Concorso trofeo “La lanterna”, Italy 2018 Official Selection;

Strano Film Festival, Italy 2018 Official Selection;

15° SediciCorto International Film Festival, Italy 2018 Official Selection;


XXI Mediterraneo Video Festival, Italy 2018 Official Selection;
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EscaMontage Film Festival – Festival del Cinema Itinerante, Italy 2018 2nd Place;